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     Speed, Agility, Track Clinic and Camp
Discounts apply to returning campers. Early bird registration $125 week/new camper, and $115 week/returning camper. In addition, we offer multiple session($25 off) and sibling discounts($25 off) of full camp price.  Athletes of all sports, boys and girls ages 5-17. We are excited to provide a diverse schedule of fun, challenging summer camps designed to teach athletes (from beginners to advanced athletes) the basic fundamentals of running which translates into increased speed to reach their full potential in their respective sports where focus will be placed on skills needed for their sport, position, or event. Each camp will have informative breakout sessions with guest speakers. 

                                         Since 2012 Our Speed, Agility, and Track Summer Camps
    have coached over 600
 athletes throughout the Southeast!

We look forward to seeing you at our 2017 Summer Camps!

Each session contains:
(8 to 1 camper/coach ratio)
  • Proper Warm-up techniques, dynamic warm-ups, stretching and flexibility
  • Speed drills, hurdle drills, and ladder progressions to increase speed
  • Strength and power building through plyometric and isometric training
  • Abdominal core training to further develop muscular strength
  • Appropriate posture, running form, and *starting block and relay exchange instruction
  • True speed development for distance athletes
  • Sports psychology/event preparation/game and race strategy
  • Recovery after exercise, post exercise stretching
  • Sports nutrition and hydration


For Team/Large Group Training, Small Group Membership, and 
Private Lesson plans, please contact usat or call 404-234-2371 or 404-516-4062.

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