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Personal Coaching/Training: 
We do not believe in an "OFF SEASON"...your competitive advantage is earned in the"OFF SEASON" when your competition is resting. Speed training/coaching is available for all sports all year round as a one-on-one session or small group/team session as well. 

Please call or email for a free trial!

Speed & Agility:Small Group Monthly Membership Plans/Cost
*Maximum 10 in group, 10 to 1 athlete/coach ratio
* Memberships paid in advance monthly have session credits that roll over for 6 months.
*Sessions do not have to be used in the same month and are 2 hours each in length.
*Siblings receive discounts of full membership price.
  1. ASA Group Platinum Membership: $100/month:Four sessions
  2. ASA Group Gold Membership: $75/month:Three sessions
  3. ASA Group Silver Membership: $50/month:Two sessions
  4. ASA Group Little Runners (age 4-7 only): $60/mo: Four sessions (one hour only)
  5. ASA Drop in Rate: $30/session

Speed & Agility: Private Lessons 

-1 hour session is $30-60/depending on the coach you request, a typical session is 2 hours for $60-120.
There is an additional discount for private lessons paid on the monthly and quarterly plan.
-Semi-Private and Sibling Lessons available.

Kid's Strength & Endurance Training
-1 hour session is $15/ session or $100/ month for unlimited sessions Monday through Thursday from 3pm-6pm (Kennesaw only)
Our Kids Strength and Endurance Training is a unique strength and conditioning program designed specifically for children ages 5-17. This program combines constantly changing, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with functional strength training that is designed to: 
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance and power
  • Improve flexibility, speed  and coordination
  • Burn fat and increase stamina
  • Most importantly, improve overall health
Traditional strength programs focus on lifting weights and running with little emphasis on compound, functional movements. We start with basic fundamental movements and grow your child into more advanced exercises and routines. This will not only give your child a competitive advantage on the field, but will also encourage your child to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fundamentals to Advance
The program begins with a fundamental segment that is designed to teach your child how to properly perform the foundational exercises that will be used throughout their training. It is our experience that many young athletes are pre-exposed to weight training with an emphasis on weight and not on technique. Improper technique can and in most cases will lead to injury. After fundamentals we move into the core of the program which we call the “The Zone”. The Zone is what is considered the “routine of the day” which consist of various routines that change in intensity, duration and exercise every day. We take the time to design each routine to work every part of the body with a focus on “core” conditioning and strength.

Program  Focus
Our program focuses on varying routines, duration and intensity which is designed to prepare your young athlete to perform at a high level for any duration of time in any activity. Again the key is variety in movements/routines, time (duration) and intensity. Our athletes participate and excel in a variety of sports including:

  • Track
  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • ..and more
For Team/Large Group Training, Small Group Membership, and Private Lesson plans, please contact us at or call 404-234-2371 or 404-516-4062.

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