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Adult Boot Camp

Introducing the “The Blast Fat Fast Boot Camp” designed to excite, encourage and accelerate your fitness goals! REGISTER HERE

Session Days and Times for Adult Bootcamp

  • Monday through Friday (Virtual Training Plans available)
  • 8am, 9:30am, 11am, 1:30pm, 6pm
  • Saturday by appointment

1-on-1 Personal sessions or small group sessions available (no additional charge)

Whether you..
  • need to take first step to a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start
  • are not satisfied with the results from your past or current workout routines
  • need to trim up for a special occasion,  vacation or just want guaranteed results

..this program has something for everyone! So Start Now!!

The Blast Fat Fast Boot Camp is a 4-week program designed to scorch fat and build muscle, while increasing your strength and endurance. Through a combination of traditional, crossfit and MMA inspired workouts, our unique program guarantees results in just weeks.

Who is for?
This program is designed for both children and adults, ages 10 and up who have made the decision to pursue their fitness goals. No matter your exercise level, our unique approach to fitness allows us to alter routines for all fitness levels and will monitor and alter the program as you progress.

Eating Guide
Exercise is just one component of a fitness program. What you eat and how you eat is key to ensuring your fitness program is successful.  As a part of the Blast Fat Fast program, you will receive a personalized 4-week eating guide to help you shed fat and increase energy. However, this isn’t just any personalized “cookie cutter” guide, we will meet with you to develop a guide specific for your goals.

Program Cost
Sign-up now and take advantage of the special introductory rate of $100 for the entire program!! That’s right for $100 you get the following:
  • Registration for the 4 week Blast Fat Fast program
  • 4-week specialized eating guide (will be developed to meet your needs)
  • Small group or individual sessions available (at no extra cost)
Boot camp will be held at various locations in the Cobb County area including: Swift Cantrell, Kennesaw Mountain, North Cobb High School and various small gyms in the area. We believe that varying your routines and surrounding makes for a much more exciting and productive fitness experience.

**If the above days and times do not work, then contact us to discuss a schedule that works for you!

Email us at: or call 404-516-4062. 
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